Amazon Gave Jobs to DOD Staff Working on Cloud Bid, Lawsuit Says

At least two Pentagon employees were offered jobs at Inc.while working on the Defense Department’s $10 billion cloud contract, a lawsuit filed by Oracle Corp. alleges.

The amended complaint, made public on Tuesday, claims Deap Ubhi, a former employee at a high-level Defense Department technology unit, helped design the cloud contract in a way that was favorable to Amazon after receiving “significant” job and bonus offers from the e-commerce giant.

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Jeff Bezos is one of President Donald Trump’s biggest critics.

And Bezos’ Amazon is about to become one the nation’s biggest recipients of U.S. government contract dollars.

The Defense Department is on the verge of awarding Amazon a massive ten-year, monopoly cloud storage contract.

Many major news outlets are reporting all about the largest-ever IT procurement deal – and its very many major problems.

But we must remain vigilant.

We must ensure that the Defense Department
hires multiple cloud service providers.

To provide multiple backups and redundancies.

Good government and national security demand it.


The monopoly deal appears to be fast-tracked – and likely to be awarded very soon. Which further sets up Amazon for government contracting dominance.

Per Nextgov:

“(This) is an important immediate development in the battle for cloud supremacy across the government.”


A little-known firm was hired in February for nearly $1 billion by the Defense Department to migrate its data to the Amazon cloud – and only the Amazon cloud. Andeven the Bezos-owned Washington Post is expressing concern:

“Contract award spurs concerns Amazon might have inside track to big cloud deal…”


This Amazon cloud deal is so big and so unprecedented – antitrust experts are scratching their heads and questioning its legality. From The Hill:

“Amazon’s attempt to land major Pentagon job stokes antitrust fears…”


Thankfully, having been challenged on the high cost for Bezos’ monopoly contract, the Defense Department slashed the deal by ninety percent. Per The Washington Business Journal:

“Pentagon drastically cuts cloud computing contract to N. Va. firm…”